What are the best things to do in Pineda de Mar

10 Best Things to Do in Pineda de Mar


When moving to Pineda de Mar there are a few things that you will need to do first before you even start to build your new life in Pineda de Mar.



Many people are now moving to Pineda de Mar in search of a better life and for many, it is a long life dream and whether it is just for more sun, to start a business or even to retire there, the reasons vary but there are a few things that everyone must do first. (Visit our take on how to start and run a successful small business)


  • The Europe regulations brought in at the beginning of 1992 means that all EU citizens can now work in Pineda de Mar under the same laws as the Spaniards and will have the same rights and benefits with the Social Security system and National Health Services.


This means that you, your partner and dependents all have access to the same services as the Spanish.



  • Getting An NIE:



This is great news if you are considering moving to Pineda de Mar. One of the first things that you will need to do is register at your local Police Station and get an NIE certificate.


This is just a Foreigners Identification Number. But you will need it for just about everything you do here in Pineda de Mar.



  • Buying or selling a Spanish property




  • Opening a bank account




  • National Health Services




  • Starting a business.




  • Social Security




  • Buying a car or a boat



The easiest way to get one is to find a good accountant or lawyer, now the best way to find a good accountant is ask the local English people in the town that you are moving to as they will have already had to use one and can recommend a good one and let you know what it is going to cost you.


  • If you are interested in spending time on the top of a mountain, then there are places ideal for such a stay. Browse to know more about the places of interest and then select the place which fascinates you.


When you browse, look at the historical importance of each of these places. That would help you to select the appropriate place. Normally, the help of trained tourist guides is taken. This will also help to get over the language barrier. The guide will help to finalize the itinerary in the most appropriate manner.


  • If you are thinking of starting your own business in Pineda de Mar as I did, then my advice to you is get a good accountant who will help with all the papers you are going to need as this is a very difficult process even if you do speak Spanish. Remember that everything here in Pineda de Mar takes twice.